I am a 21 year old non-binary Vietnamese artist. I am a first generation graduate from the University of North Texas with a cum laude bachelor's degree in Media Arts and a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. I've always dreamed of making a sustainable living off of my art to take care of my loved ones.

I launched trinkitz during July of 2019! i originally made and sold resin ashtrays and coasters. since then, I've retired making resin and took a little hiatus because of school. after rethinking and figuring out what was next for trinkitz, the universe helped reveal the answer to me. In August of 2020, I released my beloved press on nail sets! trinkitz is my outlet of artistic freedom as I combine different mediums. After graduating college in May of 2021, I released my first collection: Trinkitz Blaze Collection! I plan on releasing new collections often and sharing my new creations with you all. 

nail artistry has been in my life since before I was born. my mother was a nail technician for about 10 years and I grew up in the salon watching her do nails almost everyday. ever since I was a little child, I've loved nails and couldn't wait until I was older to get acrylic nails. when I would go to the nail salon, the nails I wanted were "too long", the designs I wanted were "too much", and I always had to refile my nails for better shaping when I got home. and basically, the nails that I would envision in my mind were not compatible with the amount of money I had at the time. I figured I might as well just do my own nails! I love longggg, extraaa, blinged out nails! I've always loved those extra chunky Japanese kawaii+harajuku nails as well, and those are the kind of nails that I will be making for y'all! 

each nail set is made with much thought and time as well as excitement and joy. the nails I make for y'all are what motivate me to get up in the morning and are something I could do for the rest of my life. thank you so much for supporting me as I am eternally grateful!

111ove u all