will there be restocks? 

for 1/1 Trinkitz Nail Sets, there will not be restocks. 1/1= only one is made. every nail set is unique and personal to the buyer! if there is a set you really want and it’s sold, custom nail sets are available for purchase as well.

how do i measure my nails?

you can view nail sizing page here!

what if my nails don't fit?

i am not responsible for wrong nail sizes being ordered. i make sure each nail fits each nail size! if you want to be sure this doesn't happen, we have sizing kits available to purchase as well as referring back to the nail sizing page.

are you taking custom orders?

yes! I am doing a set number of custom sets so I can ensure all of your orders will come to you in a timely manner. I am a one person team and so I don't want to over exhaust myself as well. if you see that custom sets are sold out, no worries! I will always be opening up more spots soon. 

will you replicate a nail set from another artist?

NO! i would much rather you buy from the original artist. i strive to make unique sets with my own style. i have the right to decline any custom requests that i do not feel right doing.

can I change the sizes on the pre-made nail sets?

pre-made nail sets are already made and sizes cannot be changed. But, I will often be making a poll on my instagram for which nail sizes y’all are so I can still make sets that can fit all of you!

are the nails reusable?

absolutely! with proper care, they can be worn over and over again.

what are your shipping and refund policies?

you can find my shipping and refund policies here and here!

how do i remove the glue off of the back of the nails after i'm done wearing them?

i would recommend getting a nail drill and drilling it off for easy removal.

can you replace a nail if i lose one?

of course! please go here!

do you ship internationally?