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1. They will have a custom fit just for you with the nail sizes you give me ✨

2. Wait time will be at most 2-3 weeks!

3. I still want my creative freedom, so with that being said I am open to general suggestions and inspiration but I still want to be able to do what I want (I mean this in the nicest way possible) 💖

4. After purchasing, please dm on Instagram your order number, name, nail sizes, and any suggestions for your set ✨

5. Thank you so so muchhhhhhhhh!!!!! I am so so so grateful for the support y’all have been showing me, it’s been kind of unreal honestly but y’all really showed out 😭 thank you I love y’all so much🥺 

*examples of 1/1 custom trinkitz sets shown in pictures*



Pre-made nail sets: After 3-5 business days, they will be shipped out.

Made to order nail sets: After 3-4 weeks, they will be shipped out.

Any other Trinkitz merchandise: After 3-5 business days, they will be shipped out.

Shipping times will vary depending on which shipping method was chosen at checkout. 

Return policy

Handmade Trinkitz items are non-refundable! These are handmade items meaning much time and labor is put into each and every nail set. Please make sure to measure your nails correctly for a correct fit! Due to COVID-19, I am not accepting returns. Please email us here for any concerns!