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A Trinkitz nail on a grinder! I hand placed Swarovski crystals on each grinder. These grinders do not run small at all! They are personally my favorite kind of grinder because they do not grind herbs too finely or too powdery.

Each grinder comes with a kief chamber along with a little kief spatula! 

Measurements: Diameter- 63mm by Height- 48mm

Once these items are sold out they will never be sold again. 


Pre-made nail sets: 3-5 business days.

Custom nail sets: 2-3 weeks.

Any other Trinkitz merchandise: 3-5 business days.

Return policy

Handmade Trinkitz items are non-refundable! These are handmade items meaning much time and labor is put into each and every nail set. Please make sure to measure your nails correctly for a correct fit! Due to COVID-19, I am not accepting returns. Please email us here for any concerns!